Hello! I am Mo Karnage. I am an herbalist, parent, avid reader, author, carpenter, environmentalist, social justice advocate, vegan, and sober person.


Here you will find my daily haiku, weekly unsolicited advice column “Yall Are Petty”, political essays, herbalist musings and tips, and more. There are also links to my instagram and other social media pages. Most of my content here will be in the form of writing.

I am always happy for opportunities to be published or paid for my writing. I am also interested in opportunities to present at events or conferences on subjects relating to: radical history, anarchism, know your rights, sustainability and old windows, food not bombs, women in construction, herbalism and ptsd, how to write prisoners, grassroots organizing, plant walks, etc. 

My construction business is Karnage Creations LLC and we do restoration of historic windows. Find us online at Richmond Window Repair and get in touch if you need windows repaired or restored.

Another of my enterprises is The Heathen Homestead LLC, our herbal farm in Beaverdam, VA. You can see what products we are selling (all kinds of herbal goodies) and what markets we will be at here: The Heathen Homestead. Contact me for scheduling herbal consultations.



Shoulders straining suit

Jacket. Inhibited by

Clothes and conforming.


Looking cool in your

Thirties,  combo of orange eye

shadow, baby puke. 


Work at a church and

Realize how much of life is a

Ministry. Weird huh?


Angsty days is it

Capitalism or is

It just PMS?!?!

Take your rocket ship

And rocket away from me. 

Electric car and all.


A Souper bowl comes

Packed with fruit loops and cashew

Milk or similar. 


Snoring baby and

Dog blend into sweet snuggle

Harmony. Sleep tight.

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