Hello! I am Mo Karnage.

My blog and other media platforms are a peek into my detritus lifestyle. Detritus being the material that sinks to the bottom of the ocean, feeding bottom feeders like crabs, and me!

I am an herbalist, parent, avid reader, author, carpenter, environmentalist, social justice advocate, vegan, queer, genderqueer, redneck, anarchist, witch, and sober person.


Here you will find my daily haiku, weekly unsolicited advice column “Yall Are Petty”, political essays, herbalist musings and tips, and more. There are also links to my instagram and other social media pages. Most of my content here will be in the form of writing.

My Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/mokarnage has different content including recipes, Herbalism, different daily haiku than you find here (that’s right I’m doing 2 a day), poems, articles, photos and more. Please consider becoming a patron if you enjoy my work – getting paid for it would help me produce more.

I am always happy for opportunities to be published or paid for my writing. I am also interested in opportunities to present at events or conferences on subjects relating to: radical history, anarchism, know your rights, sustainability and old windows, food not bombs, women in construction, herbalism and ptsd, how to write prisoners, grassroots organizing, plant walks, etc.

My construction business is Karnage Creations LLC and we do restoration of historic windows. Find us online at Richmond Window Repair and get in touch if you need windows repaired or restored.

Another of my enterprises is The Heathen Homestead LLC, our herbal farm in Mineral, VA. You can see what products we are selling (all kinds of herbal goodies) and what markets we will be at here: The Heathen Homestead. Contact me for scheduling herbal consultations.


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Protest rained out

Yall,I need your help. I need one of this style sign, a large outdoor one. Does not need to have lights. I do not have $6-900 dollars to buy this. Help me get this for art/poetry reasons. i know someone I know has one of these on a derelict property they own or in a storage unit or something!!! Hook an #artist #poet up yall. For the sake of public performance art and poetry damnit. #community #southern i will buy the letters for it if you dont have em!!!! #art #artist #haiku #performanceart #political #poetry #activist #radical #anarchist #reuse



No war with Iran

No more pissing contests. There

Is enough pain, death

No war for oil and

No regime change by us in

Venezuela yall

We are out here just

Killin the planet, people,

And animals, FUCK

As always, poetic license, this is art, not a threat winkyfacewinkyface

Go solar!

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