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Try this for morning

Meditation. Water and feed

Plants and animals
Country morning means

Dew damp shoes and slow sunrise

Ease into the day



Skeletons dance with

Clacking bones and black hole eyes

No meat on their thighs
Full moon rises and

The werewolves howl it’s time to

Run and eat and growl


You shouldn’t trust a

 gazpacho recipe that

Calls for canned tomat.


Take the time you need

To recharge your mind, body

And spirit. Self care.
Drink more water and

Try some herbal tea. Eat some

Nourishing foods too.
When at wits end, take

That wit outside to breathe that

Fresh air and see trees.


The nesting season

Is upon us. Smoky chill

To the air smells crisp


Car pulled over. Man

With stick in shoe tread. Classic

Case of ol’ stank foot


An electrical

Shock happened for the first time to

Me yesterday
Thirty years in is

A pretty good record, here 

Is to another.
Mild tingle in hand

While fitting a ceiling fan

It could have been worse

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