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Haiku brain is crushed

By daily routine of work

Prohibiting fun. 


House hunt is hurried

Seek opportunity and

Leap. compete or die.


The way I play spades

Shows my life approach, always

Trying to go null
Always go for the 

Longshot. It means you fail more

But have way more fun


Some haiku are just

Better than others. Not all

Days can be winners
I’m not wearing my

Maternity shorts, you are!

Comfy elastic.
Sell me a house! For

A price which I shall dictate

To you now, thank you.


Freegan mantra: we 

Will eat your scrap, but we won’t

Buy your crap!! Crap! Crap! 

Richmond Food Not Bombs serving in the cold

Richmond Food Not Bombs has been serving free, vegetarian meals for over 23 (24?25?) Years now in Richmond. Usually served in Monroe Park, the group has persevered through the closing of that park and now serves routinely on Sundays in Abner Clay Park.

Additionally they serve on Mondays and every night when it is below 40 degrees outside of the cold weather shelter in Richmond. It will be in the single digits next couple nights. Please encourage people sleeping outside to take shelter at the Cold weather/Overflow shelter at 9th and Marshall. Make breakfast at your house and serve there at 5am sharp or come help cook at Createspace on Wickham at 5pm every night if you want to do something nice.

The new art is by Bizhan of Mended Arrow. for more of his amazing work.

The cooksite for Food Not Bombs is at Create Space at 607 Wickham Street on the Northside.

They are always looking for donations of money, food, kitchen equipment, vehicles, kitchen equipment repair or vehicle repair. They are also always looking for volunteers to drive, pick items up, help cook, help clean, and help serve. Helping with promotion is another way you can get involved.

Food Not Bombs seeks to save food from landfills, keep people from being hungry, and work for housing justice. The group does a ton of solidarity work with homeless/houseless people. 

Find Richmond Food Not Bombs on Facebook and get involved!!!



Frozen water trough

Wet cat food can frozen meat

It is freezing out

New Year’s Resolutions

Be a better partner and spend more time laughing with David.

Be a better parent to Jewel and Chulainn.

Go to the gym 3 times a week.

Acheive better work/life balance.

Publish a haiku a day on my blog.

Spend more time writing.

Get the house, cars, and barns cleaned and organized – especially by getting rid of things we do not need. 


New year new cocoon

Too cold to emerge yet as

A caterpillar


Keurig coffee thing

Sounds like ailing chicken, sign

Of cultural death

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