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Spring is coming haiku pt. 1

Half of my haiku from the winter/Spring.

Next Haiku battle in RVA will be on April 15th at 8pm at Balliceaux, so get to writing yours and come throw down after the Raise Up! Fight for $15 rally which is at 5pm in Monroe Park!!

When I like redneck
But they not like me back. So
Mad I spit my dip!!!

Might take zumba class
At the Y. Just because I
Like to say ZUMBA!

Raven Mack you are
My friend because you are one
Disgruntled redneck

embodiement of
Evil, winter sticks around
Pants oppressin me

Warm up the coffee
dads new dog from milwaukee
book on the couch me

Do you drive a big
Truck? Climate change in my pants
Rising tide pussy

Rain comes down today
Why do anything – ok
Going to the gym

Sometimes i feel like
Sobbing my honey bees left
And i am alone

No one will ever
Match the greatness of the dip
dick and diesel tour

Another year gone
Without seeing monster jam
My soul remains crushed

Bored broke basically
Freezing what are yall doing
This stupid evening?

Whats love got to do
With it? Fucking everything
Dont you get it yet

Heart hurting for good
Reasons. Hoping for the best
We can do it babe

Video from October’s Haiku Tournament

Part 3 /5 – Haiku Tournament – 2014 Oct. 22- Rojonekku Haiku Tournament @ Balliceaux – Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

My Spoken Word from June

Part 1/3 – Mo Karnage – 2014 June 12 – Spoken Word at The Wingnut Anarchist Collective – Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Thanks for the video Silver!!!

untitled poem

Fast food strikes,
 martin luther king jr, civil rights, 
syria, military machine, people getting hustled, 
friend mugged, 
friends lost to drugs,
 stadium on sacred burial ground, vcu taking over this town, and the people in charge might be brown but they still work for capitalism and keeping their brothers and sisters down. 
 We need an autonomous zone. A place to call our own. Where they can't take our friends away and we can keep eachother safe. People are scared and rightly so wed rather live to see our babies grow. But we won't get that anyways the odds arent good. Babies don't last long in a nuclear gmo capitalist pesticide neighborhoods. If you make it past the police and the jails a life of working to be exploited awaits you. Until we work together the worst fate of our neighbor is ours too.

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