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Opioid crisis

Behind the scenes dream killer



Portapotty life

Peepeepoopoo with no strife

We all have bodies

Resting bitch face try

Resting itch face! Mosquitos!!!

Summer is worth it

Therapist says I’m
Depressed ha ha ha ha ha

Fake it to make it

Winter warm days are

Vital to survival. Thank

You Mr. Gold sun!

Indian buffet

Is the best way to feed your

Vegan Happiness

Food in phases. I

Forget about favorite

Dishes sometimes. Weird.


Seasonally sad

Too cold and dark to move my

Body properly


Existential dread

Post partum depression or

It’s just winter, fuck


How many women

Have toxic relationships

With abusive men?

It feels like most do.

epidemic of mental

Health and poverty


Validation comes

From within. please like this post

So I can feel good.


People dying left

And right. Tenuous grip on

Life force is spreading
Words matter. Language

Matters. Protesters shot by

Isrealis. Murdered. 
People on bikes killed

By people in cars. Probly

Texting or drunk. Death.
Whether it is drug

Deals gone bad, armed robbery,

Or drug overdose

Or suicide there

Doesn’t seem to be much more

Natural death now

Unless our nature

Is to be miserable

Suffering fuckheads.

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