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Fancy shirts are not

Made for construction arms

Bulging sausage case. 

Black Walnut Hull Tincture

Made some tincture tonight from fresh black walnut hulls in their green stage. Already turning a neat green color. Going to be nice to have this on hand for parasites on or in people or critters. We harvested these walnuts from trees on our farm. In the future we would like to harvest the nuts from Juglans Nigra. Made sure to wear gloves while processing so as to not stain my hands. 



Farmer’s market do

Seem to make community

But do they profit?

On change

Any movement both

Politics and religion

Is based on changing
Why so often then

Do we refuse to believe

That people can change?
We tether people

To their past, good or bad, and

Fail to see present
Perhaps some do not

Change because they cant see that

narrative exists
If we hope for a

Better world, we hope for change

In the world’s people


Delinquent haiku

Writer let’s no one down more

Than their own darn self

Jewel Does Kings Dominion

Look at this cowboy

Above is from Ash Carr photography at a Richmond Herbalism Guild swap meeting this past spring. 

Little baby bowlegs in Wrangler jeans are just fantastic.

Chulainn’s 1st Birthday

We had a really great day with Chulainn and Jewel and Mira and friends on the 20th. Family and chosen family are the best.


Raisins are only

Acceptable in vegan

Carrot cake. No lie. 


If all the toys are

Safe how will the kids ever

Learn to balance well

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