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Nazi tiki torch

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

No, seriously
See a fire? Put it

Out! Extinguish! Extinguish!

This is no lua!
Nazis scared of white

Genocide should procreate 

not have sausage time!
Making fun of big

Jerks is soothing and I think

 it works! Clown em y’all!
National guard has

Been called, I am more worried

About them shooting
Aclu knows

What’s up they hold the line while

We all get worked up


Phrases never to

say include “in my wheelhouse”

You pretentious fuck


Not so secretly

I hate everyone’s perfect

Cute Profile pictures


Standing desk because

Growing children can reach on

To table tops now


Small business is broke

One week and catching up the

next. Stressful lifestyle.


Three hundred gallon

Rain water collection tank

Is empty. Such drought.


Not every witch

Has been interrogated

For witchcraft on stand
 I have been in court

 and questioned as a witch in

Two thousand fifteen

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