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International Women’s Day

​I am not wearing red today cause I dont have a red shirt but I want universal healthcare, a living wage, maternity leave for all regardless of employment, equal wages, and donald trump to be punched in the fucking face and impeached. Then I want consent mandatorily taught in all schools starting in kindergarten. I want free mental healthcare for all. I want a universal basic income and for women to be equally represented in public life, but I want capitalism smashed and my feminists do not look like hilary clinton or beyonce or any celebrity. I aint doing the dishes until at least 7pm and I aint done em in 2 days. I am going to work cause I do construction and I did school yesterday and I run two small businesses and work for another.

I like to #WearRed when it is the #bloodofmyenemies #pussygrabsback #comeatmebro #InternationalWomensDay #ThisIsUs #rva #anarchist


Recent Project – The Heathen Homestead

I have been suuuper busy lately, working with David on our farm, herbal medicine, furniture, and crafts enterprise, The Heathen Homestead.

We are starting seeds for herbAl medicinals we are growing.

We are also gearing up for our first couple events where we will be vendors.

Come see us this Sunday March 12 from 1-4. More about that event at the link:

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