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Check out my Etsy Shop- new products coming this month and next!

The 80’s Called and They Want Their Throw Pillow Back


New throw pillow on my Etsy Shop.
New items will be added throughout April and May as I try to fundraise the money I need to take a trip to Indiana and New Hampshire this summer.
I have a short bus I bought but I am trying to pay it off, and get enough money to fix it and pass inspection and add a solar panel and battery bank to it before June. Not to mention the dang ol diesel I will need to make the trip.
So if you need tinctures, throw pillows, books, or weird jewelry please buy some! And check back for more interesting items and one of a kind art.


Interview on WRIR’s Open Source

I was interviewed on March 27th on WRIR’s Open Source Program.
If you missed the airing on Friday, you can go online for the next week or so and listen to the show on their Tunein player.
I will try to post the permanent link once that becomes available.
The interview is about Monroe Park and the bid I submitted on the park Lease, essentially in protest of the concept of privatizing our public parks.
Background articles on the issue at

Interview on Various Things

I was just interviewed this weekend on Various Things by my friend Gary Llama – check it out!

City Council Survival Guide

Thinking about going to a City Council meeting? Nervous about what to expect?

Here is my guide for surviving these sorts of meetings with your mental and physical health in mind!

City Council Survival Guide


Karnage Creations LLC


Venture Richmond // Vulture Richmond

Vulture Richmond logo // Venture Richmond Logo

Vulture Richmond logo // Venture Richmond Logo

I used my immeasurable Paint skills to whip up this logo for Venture Richmond // Vulture Richmond

Use how you please!

Travel: Keywest Architecture has the Whimsy We Need!

In which I dork out about the wooden details in Key West!

Whimsical Carpentry


Oscar Recap: Translating Film to Real Life

Check out my new article about some important social issues brought up by Sunday’s Oscars!!

Oscars Show How Far We Have To Go

When We Break, We Rise

Op-ed on the Resistance now online at Quail Bell Magazine!

When We Break, We Rise

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