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Why do people serve

soft pretzels with cheese sauce? get

you some mustard fools.


Tyson’s chicken plant

Still smelling like straight poo. So

Good luck eating that


My suffering and

Pain are no different than

Anyone else’s.


God’s chosen people

Choosing to murder any

One good didn’t pick.


I gauge my morning

Commute by timing of  star

Date report. The stars!!!


People dying left

And right. Tenuous grip on

Life force is spreading
Words matter. Language

Matters. Protesters shot by

Isrealis. Murdered. 
People on bikes killed

By people in cars. Probly

Texting or drunk. Death.
Whether it is drug

Deals gone bad, armed robbery,

Or drug overdose

Or suicide there

Doesn’t seem to be much more

Natural death now

Unless our nature

Is to be miserable

Suffering fuckheads.



City lights drown out

Celestial bodies and

Something primal dies

Battle haiku

This bird you can not

Chan ye ya ye ya ye ya

Ye yaaaaa aa ngg geeee


Rohingya children

Being murdered and raped. One

More day on this Earth
Who the fuck kills kids

Why do we stand by and let

Babies be slaughtered???
World religions used

To justify killing and

Rape. Good Buddhism.


Peanut butter and 

Garlic is the best unknown

Flavor combo star

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