About Mo

Mo Karnage is an anarchist living in Richmond, Virginia.

Mo is an artist, poet, activist, athlete, carpenter, organizer, cook, journalist, author, model, and more!

Mo is a graduate of St. Catherine’s High School and Hampshire College. Mo majored in Political Science with minors in journalism and law.  Mo would love a job as a copy editor, editor, columnist, journalist, or other related professions. Mo has work experience in childcare, carpentry, construction, old window repair, food service, waitstaff, barista, janitorial, and more.

Mo is a member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective but NOT a spokes person and no one is in charge. The views Mo expresses on this website are not necessarilly those of the collective. To hear from the Wingnut Anarchist Collective go to their website at http://www.wingnutrva.org

Mo has written 1 book so far, The South is Still Rising, which is available at several local bookstores as well as on etsy at


Mo has had a few articles published in local publications, and also self publishes zines on a variety of issues.

Mo is or has been involved in a variety of local organizations including Richmond Food Not Bombs, Copwatch, Radical Sobriety Support Group, the Monroe Park Occupation and more.

Mo identifies as genderqueer and would prefer to be referred to using the pronouns they/them/their.

Mo is sober, vegan, and enjoys cooking and weekly Radical Sobriety Support Meetings (at the Wingnut on Tuesdays at 7). Mo prefers bikes over cars.

Mo has 3 dogs, Grits, Flapjack, and Tatertot.

Mo likes to babysit, dogsit, build things, do carpentry, paint, write, clean,  etc. If you have odd jobs definitely get in touch!

If you want to get in touch, email Mo at mokarnage [at] gmail.com

Snail Mail Mo at: Mo Karnage 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

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