About Mo

Mo Karnage is an anarchist living in Mineral, Virginia.

Mo is an artist, poet, activist, athlete, carpenter, organizer, cook, journalist, author, model, and more!

Mo is a graduate of St. Catherine’s High School and Hampshire College. Mo majored in Political Science with minors in journalism and law.  Mo has work experience in areas such as childcare (18+ years), carpentry, construction, old window repair, food service, waiting tables staff, being a  barista, janitorial, and more.

Mo has written 2 books so far, The South is Still Rising and Tell me How You Really Feel: Haiku from the southern trash(y) queer witch frontlines!

Mo has had a few articles published in local publications, and also self publishes zines on a variety of issues.

Mo is or has been involved in a variety of local organizations including Richmond Food Not Bombs, Radical Sobriety Support Group, the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry,  and more.

Mo identifies as genderqueer and uses they/them/y’all pronouns. Don’t know what genderqueer means? There are great resources online you can use to educate yourself. Merriam Webster Adds Genderqueer to Dictionary

Mo has 3 dogs, Grits, Falcor, and Larry. Rest In Peace Flapjack and Tatertot. Mo also has 2 pigs, Penne and Alfredo, 2 cats Fluffy cat and Stevie Nicks, and a heap of chickens. Mo studies and practices herbal medicine. Mo is a single parent to a 5 yr old kiddo.

If you want to get in touch, email Mo at mokarnage@gmail.com


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