About Mo

Mo Karnage is an anarchist living in Beaverdam, Virginia.

Mo is an artist, poet, activist, athlete, carpenter, organizer, cook, journalist, author, model, and more!

Mo is a graduate of St. Catherine’s High School and Hampshire College. Mo majored in Political Science with minors in journalism and law.  Mo has work experience in areas such as childcare (18+ years), carpentry, construction, old window repair, food service, waiting tables staff, being a  barista, janitorial, and more.

Mo has written 1 book so far, The South is Still Rising, which is available at several local bookstores or just ask!

Mo has had a few articles published in local publications, and also self publishes zines on a variety of issues.

Mo is or has been involved in a variety of local organizations including Richmond Food Not Bombs, Radical Sobriety Support Group, the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry,  and more.

Mo identifies as genderqueer and would prefer to be referred to using the pronouns they/them/their/y’all. Don’t know what genderqueer means? There are great resources online you can use to educate yourself. Merriam Webster Adds Genderqueer to Dictionary
Mo is sober, vegan, and enjoys cooking.

Mo has 3 dogs, Grits, Falcor, and Tatertot. Rest In Peace Flapjack. Mo also has 2 pigs, Penne and Alfredo, and 9 chickens. Mo studies and practices herbal medicine. Mo and their partner live in Beaverdam at the Heathen Homestead with their two young children and all these cute animals.

The family’s window restoration business is online at http://www.richmondwindowrepair.com or you can email to schedule a bid at karnagecreationsllc@gmail.com

The herbal medicine side of things is http://www.theheathenhomestead.org

If you want to get in touch, email Mo at mokarnage@gmail.com

Snail Mail Mo at: Mo Karnage 18217 Teman Road Beaverdam, VA 23015

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