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Arms too big for them

Wimmin shirts. Too strong for your

Gender binary.


Let’s just say I am

Ready for April. Hashtag

Vaguebooking. Thank you.


Not too worried cuz

God bless the broken road is

Cheesy but holds truth. 


Might be thirty one

But still have Chuck Taylor’s on

Never growing up.


Don’t think about it

Just write because if you stop

You won’t be going. 
Don’t let the daily

Tasks take it away from you,

Who you are for real. 

Nude photos!!! 

Y’all are triffling

rubberneckers. Not gonna

Get what you want, ha.


Accounting is the 

Organization of the 

Organic, for control. 
We can not control

Anything honestly. The

 illusion is nice.

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