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Nothing stops humans

Market based lifestyle as quick

As a good snow storm



Freegan mantra: we 

Will eat your scrap, but we won’t

Buy your crap!! Crap! Crap! 


What’s so great about

AI? Like fake sugar, I 

Prefer the real thing


Still not ready for

Robots BBC. You and 

NPR – stop!

Don’t need a smart home

Need a Victorian farm

house on acreage
Human lacking of 

Intelligence is clear with

 robot savior dreams

A smart home is one

Full of books, tools, and people

with know-how to use

Smart boats keep crashing

Into eachother in the

 wide sea. Not so smart
Smart cars should be called

Public transportation not 

More screens and tablets 


Nothing as pure as

Baby cuddles exists in

This shithole lifetime


In my thirties now

Wearing hot topic. Champ style

Adulting here y’all.


Too much NPR

Will rot your brain out sure as

iPads do to kids

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