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Rojonekku word fighting arts hand to hand haiku basho Wednesday March 14th.

I am coming to wreck shop. Ford vs Chevy

Bout to get heavy

Literary or literal. Come find out. Firefly. Cville. Be there. Friend or pho. Fo. Foe. 


Clearly I’m saving

My good haiku for events

Coming in March. Yup.


Heard “you have to risk

It to get the biscuit” and

I laughed a big one.


Yes, I am retro

Actively posting daily

Haiku. Fight me punk


Haiku brain is crushed

By daily routine of work

Prohibiting fun. 


Y’all. Fruity pebbles

Name brand is not as good as

Store brand. Be cheap, k?


Shoulders straining suit

Jacket. Inhibited by

Clothes and conforming.

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