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Recent Haiku

Here are some of my recent haiku!

shooting sasquatch with
my baby but damn if we
dont keep aiming high

found mint up and down
banks of the spring fed trout stream
freshening our steps

I’d rather write down
these haiku statuses than
input them online

cloud moving down the
mountain obscuring the orange
sugar maple leaves

quiet morning the
dogs run in the drizzle like
land sharks, tails poke up

enraged moo from up
on the hill my dogs just specks
troublemaking specks

flour on top of
flour, southern cooking yall
biscuits and gravy

I like to watch the
cows chewin on their cud like
me wif sum twizzlers

good friends share ammo
cause bullets and buddies sound
just right put together

cattle trailer shed
bringing country to city
organize yard tools


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