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Take the time you need

To recharge your mind, body

And spirit. Self care.
Drink more water and

Try some herbal tea. Eat some

Nourishing foods too.
When at wits end, take

That wit outside to breathe that

Fresh air and see trees.



Particular tone

Of Ted talks makes me want to

Bang my head on walls
Why do these people

All talk in the same elite 

Tone of fancy voice?!?!


Honey crisp apples

With peanut butter is the

Best autumnal food


Low-key liking 9/

11 conspiracy

Theory memes. Bets hedged. 


Disconnect is how

We survive dystopian

Times. It can’t be real. 


The nesting season

Is upon us. Smoky chill

To the air smells crisp

Goldenrod Materia Medica

I put this Materia Medica for Goldenrod together last year for a project for the first year apprenticeship at Owlcraft Healing Ways.  Today I harvested a bit of goldenrod, and wanted to share this information. If anyone local is in need of some goldenrod, I have a good amount, in various stages of blooming. Please get in touch if you would like to come harvest some, or if you would like me to bring you some I harvest. Fresh for $9 a pound if I bring it to you, if you want to come get it, trade me some plant identification or something fun!

Goldenrod or Solidago Spp.

Aka blue mountain tea, liberty tea, wound wort, Aaron’s rod

Asteracea family

Very erect perennial, 2-3 feet tall according to some sources. I have seen a lot taller that here at the Heathen Homestead. Stems become Woody but do not often Branch out. Small yellow clusters of disklike flowers with 1/4 inch heads that bloom between July and October.


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