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it aint what you know (more…)




Is killing us. Our shit is

So petty and real.


Antiquated book

Suggests fax machine for home

Office. And land line.

Contractor testing

Is mostly comical. Bar

Set pretty low y’all

Of course now I need

To pass the class A test or

My bar will look low

Grown up

Grown up is an illusion

A farce

Sold to children to make them obedient,

Lesser than.

Grown up is a bar set

When convenient.

Grown up is an excuse

A promise not kept.

And I don’t want to grow up

To be like you.

But if you are going to flaunt it at least fucking do what you say.

I would say if I weren’t so grown up.


Chia seeds stuck in

My teeth. Must be twenty eight

Teen. Or tobacco.


Why do people serve

soft pretzels with cheese sauce? get

you some mustard fools.


Tyson’s chicken plant

Still smelling like straight poo. So

Good luck eating that

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