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When I was a kid

We would bust holes in black garbage bags

To wear out in the rain

Where we played for hours

Drinking the rain water

Making soup

We were the rain children

There is a man working

Wearing a black trashbag




A Souper bowl comes

Packed with fruit loops and cashew

Milk or similar. 


Don’t think about it

Just write because if you stop

You won’t be going. 
Don’t let the daily

Tasks take it away from you,

Who you are for real. 


There is peace in hard

Work, sunshine, and copious

Amounts of coffee.


Freegan mantra: we 

Will eat your scrap, but we won’t

Buy your crap!! Crap! Crap! 


Oscar the grouch loves

Trash, and now I know where I

Get it from. Love trash.

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