When I was a kid

We would bust holes in black garbage bags

To wear out in the rain

Where we played for hours

Drinking the rain water

Making soup

We were the rain children

There is a man working

Wearing a black trashbag

In 90 plus degree heat

For a big construction company

It hasn’t rained in weeks

He protects his clothes from masonry dust

Old enough to be my father

I have worked for a fancy juice shop

Where people spend a lot of money

To not chew their food

The kale for their juices was kept

In scented white trashbags
By clueless underpaid staff

To build one person’s wealth

Literal tons of good food

Sit in black trashbags in dumpsters

Outside of every major chain store

Where raccoons and scavenger people recover

What no one wants them to have for free

Hidden away to send to a landfill

Fortunes wrapped in black plastic

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

It just depends on how you use the trashbag I guess.


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