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There is peace in hard

Work, sunshine, and copious

Amounts of coffee.


Elusive headache

Source. Too much caffeine or not

Enough. Drink water.

WRIR in the morning!

I find it incredibly awesome to be able to sit down with the morning paper, a cup o joe, and the radio on.

WRIR 97.3 LP FM, the local independent radio station, makes me feel connected to the music scene and international current events, depending on what show is on air. It pushes me to listen to stuff I otherwise wouldn’t choose on my own, and dang if I don’t find myself enjoying it. It is background for cooking breakfast and dancing around, or just trying to remember where I put my shoes.

Starting Monday January 5th I’m going to be acting as the Board Operator for the 8am-10am shift again, and it’s been a year or two so I am really excited to be back involved with such a great project! (more…)


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