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Tractor broke down in

The road and we can all be

chill about it here


Just what we needed,

More rain. Had we known we’d have

Planted rice paddies. 


Tyson’s chicken plant

Still smelling like straight poo. So

Good luck eating that


City lights drown out

Celestial bodies and

Something primal dies


Reminder to treat

Yourself well and be happy

You are super great



I’d sing the praises

Of country living but I

Don’t want you out here


There is peace in hard

Work, sunshine, and copious

Amounts of coffee.


Gummy baby has

Fifth tooth cut through, his love bites

Are getting more fierce

Country Life Change

Country Living

I grew up in Hanover County. David and I moved to Hanover last summer, to Beaverdam specifically. He was involved in a custody battle, and was not going to win time with his daughter if we had roommates. We could not afford to live in the large house I owned in Richmond without roommates. So we decided to fix up a small house my grandparents owned in Beaverdam and live there. It was all kind of a catch as catch can plan, where things just fell into place, or didn’t, and we just rolled with it. Fortunately David and I are both hard workers and both enjoy making manic decisions and following through! Or at least following through most of the way… We lived in my short school bus in the yard while we gutted and renovated the 600 square foot house. (more…)

Pros and Cons of Country Life

Pros and Cons of Country Life

Can have lots of Animals – Have to take care of lots of animals – Livestock equals deadstock

Annoying people rarely drop by your house — Friends rarely drop by

Quiet, there are no talking buses — No buses, must have a car to get around


Far away from other people’s nonsense — Have to drive for work and social and shopping

Room for plants and gardens — weeding and watering plants and gardens and lots of grass to cut

You can see the stars — There is actually no counterpoint to stars, they are excellent

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