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Y’all Are Petty: Not Living Your Life While You Have It

Everyday I navigate the planet, and am faced repeatedly with yall being petty. This column is to address yall’s petty bullshit. Call it calling out, or calling in, or maybe just calling bullshit. I’m calling yall petty, and this is why:

Cliche as it may be, every time someone I know DIES I get pretty upset (on the inside mostly, repress, repress) and am reminded of how important it is to be grateful and enjoy every moment.

I am sick and tired of all you grump bears and negative Nancys! All you grudge holders and drudgery doers. 




Take everything

Out and then choose what to put

Back in, organized
The contents of our

Barn spread out on the lawn look

Like a bad yard sale


In the morning the

Baby coos in his crib which

Is so cute to me


My annoying new

Habit is to squeak “thats such 

A good deal” high pitched.


Drying corn in fields

Around house rustles in an 

Unsettling manner


Chickens were upset

Went with japanese saw to

Kill snake it was hawk


Attention seekers

Should perhaps be ignored so

As to not reward

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