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My annoying new

Habit is to squeak “thats such 

A good deal” high pitched.


Drying corn in fields

Around house rustles in an 

Unsettling manner


Chickens were upset

Went with japanese saw to

Kill snake it was hawk


Attention seekers

Should perhaps be ignored so

As to not reward


Farmer’s market hot

Sun beating down. Customers

Just look but don’t buy


Gummy baby has

Fifth tooth cut through, his love bites

Are getting more fierce

Anti robot haiku

​I am a luddite

Against robots in all forms

Dont trust the robots

Automation is

 elimination of the

Human touch we need

If capitalists

Dont need workers we are then

Expendable trash

Except I hear they

Might want to use us for blood

Transfusions ah youth

Frankly we need to

do more physical work not 
Less, lest we grow weak

If you attack me

Saying that last haiku was

Ableist, i swear…

Humans need nature

We need to be out of doors

Bodies are for use

Do not automate

Cars and factories. Grow food 

In soil and sun please

Tear down offices

And cubicles and come 

Outside to play now

Bureaucracy and 

Robots both protect only

Themselves in the end

Innovation is

Ok i guess but lets work

With what we have now

Fuck robots and fuck

Capitalism and fuck 

Government ok

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