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In 5th grade I wore

Garlic on a thread around

My neck. Vampire fear.



I’m anti-fascist

Pro-immigrant, pro-woman,

Pro-justice, pro-peace


Nazi tiki torch

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

No, seriously
See a fire? Put it

Out! Extinguish! Extinguish!

This is no lua!
Nazis scared of white

Genocide should procreate 

not have sausage time!
Making fun of big

Jerks is soothing and I think

 it works! Clown em y’all!
National guard has

Been called, I am more worried

About them shooting
Aclu knows

What’s up they hold the line while

We all get worked up


White supremacists

Coming to town. Effective

Strategy unclear
Hyperbole hurts

The movement against the right

Can we be calm or?
Identify the 

Threat, the issue, the problem

Then act to combat.
All supremacy

Increases delusions and 

Suffering. It’s wack.
Maybe our side would

Do better to build our own

Communities up
Anti everything

Or only active against

Is not so useful
It is good to be

Outraged, but that fear may not

Be the best start place.
Find some love within

And act from there to build up

And speak out as well


Phrases never to

say include “in my wheelhouse”

You pretentious fuck


Can identify

Malt liquor bloat face via

Facebook photo. Sad.
Trump actually

Ruined the word sad and now

It just makes me laugh.
But seriously

Y’all’s nasty drinking habits

Got you bloat, half dead


Festive and a jerk

I put glitter in invites

Love the real me please

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