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Trick or treat smell my

Feet give me something good to 

Eat. It’s tradition.



My honey biscuit

Strategy is thrown off by

Not enough honey


Eating apples mom

And dad picked from their farm in

Bluegrass Virginia


We teach our children

To eat biscuits because they

Are southern culture


Rumple-stiff-skin is

A euphamism for dick

On family feud

Southern Summer Herbal Sweet Tea Recipe

It’s hot yall. My fall/winter/spring nightly cup of hot tea just doesn’t seem appetizing. I still make herbal tea most days, but am happy to have developed a soothing, cooling, nourishing adaptation of southern sweet tea to quench my thirst on these hot days.

Southern Summer Herbal Sweet Tea

Chillout blend 

10 bags of orange pekoe tea

3 tbsp nettles

3 tbsp milky oats or oatstraw (work with what you’ve got)

2 tbsp red raspberry leaf

2 tbsp motherwort

2 tbsp lemonbalm

1 tbsp blue vervain

Honey or sugar to taste

I put all my herb in tea bags or tea balls, or loose in a big pot of 1 gallon of water. I turn the stove on to boil. How you make your tea affects the medicine and taste. There is definitely room for your personal choice here. I tend to boil my tea with the plants in for 20 minutes. Then I turn the stove off and let the mixture cool with the herbs in. After a bit I remove the plant matter and mix in honey. Then I refrigerate the sweet tea in a tea dispenser with a spout. 


Judge judy telling

You “put on your listening

Ears” is a bad sign.

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