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BBQ beets are

My new favorite southern

Food experiment.



Tyson’s chicken plant

Still smelling like straight poo. So

Good luck eating that


Peanut butter and 

Garlic is the best unknown

Flavor combo star


Just bought 40 pounds

Of tahini. Not fucking

Around anymore guys.


Saw a Tyson’s truck

With a cross on front. Full of

Birds headed to die.


Quinoa and meatballs

Does not have the same ring. Look,

I try a health thing.

Recent food items

I am really proud of some of the food items we have been churning out at The Café @ St. Stephen’s so here is a post with a bunch of recent pics! I am not the stable genius behind all of these different dishes, we have an incredible team of stable geniuses crafting the food.

We are doing a ton of local, vegan, gluten free, organic, non GMO, raw, and soy free options. Daily soup is vegan and gluten free and good. Rotating side dishes are delicious and creative. Come try something!
Golden Milk Oatmeal

Our 5 smoothie flavors

Citrus quinoa and potato and corn chowder

Spiced apple pear Crisp 

Vegan blueberry bread

Best Drink of the Day

Mama’s Rainbow Pasta Salad

Corn and garlic soup

Half off scones and croissants on Fridays

Fruit salad

Red Beans and Rice Monday Nights, by suggested donation, no one turned away.

Strawberries and cram, coconut cream that is, oatmeal

Gluten free, vegan coffee cake

Chili lime coleslaw

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