Hey y’all!

Local Vegan Action in Richmond has a 72 hour vegan event coming up later this month. Most of the 72 hours is various restaurants featuring vegan food. I am most excited about the event on Saturday the 26th from 12-6 at the Highpoint. Author Carol J. Adams will be speaking! I read many of her books years ago and think her work is super important and great. There will also be a vegan Bazaar and talk from the Herbivorious Butcher folks too!

More here: https://m.facebook.com/events/588093024958607

If you are vegan and want to get a little bit more political about it, want to explore the intersectionality of animal rights with other causes, want meet local vegan friends, or just want some tasty snacks, this event is going to be great!

If you aren’t vegan this is a great opportunity to come learn more about the vegan diet, politics, and lifestyle!!!


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