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Back In Business!!!!

Other people are cool or whatever, but I am over working for them!!!

So I quit!

I’m going back into working for myself Full Time! As Karnage Construction! I have a Class A License and can do anything from odd jobs to whole houses!

Also starting a line of work I am calling Butch for Hire! See below!


Construction Art

‘Screw it’

3 New Zines Available!!

In the nic of time I finished 3 new zines in time for the Richmond Zine Fest this past Saturday.

Daily Tea Ritual for Self Care in 2019 is a great starting place for folks relatively unfamiliar with herbal medicine and self care. $2 in person $4 by mail

On Building Houses is the first in a series on the construction industry and my experiences working in it. $2 in person $4 by mail.

Fragments of Karnage is haiku (many also on the website) from 2017 & 2019 all collected in one volume. $3 in person $5 by mail

I will get these available on my Etsy and post link here soon.



Was going to write a (more…)


Ate too many bean

Burritos, feeling like a

nap, get back to work.


White collar job wrecked

Me now my body adjusts

Back to working hard


Antiquated book

Suggests fax machine for home

Office. And land line.

Contractor testing

Is mostly comical. Bar

Set pretty low y’all

Of course now I need

To pass the class A test or

My bar will look low


Yellow eighteen volt

DeWalt drill is nostalgic

Extension of self


Glass splinter in toe

Rarely known hazard of work

On windows sandaled.  


Plaster lathe hewn by

Hand with horse hair plaster. Still

better than shitrock.

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