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Yellow eighteen volt

DeWalt drill is nostalgic

Extension of self



Glass splinter in toe

Rarely known hazard of work

On windows sandaled.  


Plaster lathe hewn by

Hand with horse hair plaster. Still

better than shitrock.

New Study Shows Restored 200 Year Old Windows As Effective As Brand New Replacements

​We have been saying it for years. I have even done a presentation on the environmental sustainability of restoring wooden windows over buying new. Restore your old windows instead of buying cheap, unsustainable, plastic ones!! Here is some proof. Hire us to help you maintain the historic and envoronmental integrity of your houses!!! My company is Karnage Creations LLC and you can find us online at Richmond Window Repair  Call or text or email us today to get started on your window restoration process.

 Read the full article for yourself here:

New Study Shows Restored 200 Year Old Window As Effective As Brand New Replacement

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