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Some August Haiku

Lost a haiku contest this month with these haiku, but I still think they are good.


Puritan values

the dumbest shit ever. fuck

you pilgrim ass fucks


If you aint bleeding (more…)


Modelling By Mo

Mo is a member of Richmond’s Model Guild and available for modelling for art classes or fashion shoots. Below are some photos from various drawing classes and photo shoots Mo has been a part of. If any artist of these drawings either wants name credit or the photo of their work taken down please don’t hesitate to email me at mokarnage (at) All these witchy pics are by Gene Domingo of Gene’s Editions in RVA 1102684_10200615027240325_855005132_o 1277893_10151771794524361_2072258302_o 1149198_10151766050624361_63720296_o

Check out my Etsy Shop- new products coming this month and next!

The 80’s Called and They Want Their Throw Pillow Back


New throw pillow on my Etsy Shop.
New items will be added throughout April and May as I try to fundraise the money I need to take a trip to Indiana and New Hampshire this summer.
I have a short bus I bought but I am trying to pay it off, and get enough money to fix it and pass inspection and add a solar panel and battery bank to it before June. Not to mention the dang ol diesel I will need to make the trip.
So if you need tinctures, throw pillows, books, or weird jewelry please buy some! And check back for more interesting items and one of a kind art.


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