Modelling By Mo

Mo is a member of Richmond’s Model Guild and available for modelling for art classes or fashion shoots. Below are some photos from various drawing classes and photo shoots Mo has been a part of. If any artist of these drawings either wants name credit or the photo of their work taken down please don’t hesitate to email me at mokarnage (at) All these witchy pics are by Gene Domingo of Gene’s Editions in RVA 1102684_10200615027240325_855005132_o 1277893_10151771794524361_2072258302_o 1149198_10151766050624361_63720296_o

1116108_10151760044524361_298954864_o 1082385_10200655835500506_1145573613_o(2)1150685_10151874142144361_488720799_o 1097754_10200630731072911_331021404_o 735768_650620843678_429537326_o 1265034_651319298968_32741546_o IMG_92898575865929 20141113_142339 20141113_142026 20141113_141940 20141113_141926 20141113_141824


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