No war with Iran

No more pissing contests. There

Is enough pain, death

No war for oil and

No regime change by us in

Venezuela yall

We are out here just

Killin the planet, people,

And animals, FUCK

As always, poetic license, this is art, not a threat winkyfacewinkyface

Go solar!

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If you own a building in Virginia or North Carolina, and you give me your name, email, phone #, and address so I can get you a free solar assessment and bid, I get $20. I could use $20. Help a brother out. Email your contact info to me or thank you in advance. Also solar is affordable, no money down, better than coal for the planet etc. Smart choice to own your own power source!

If you are a good

Person you would never lock

Up the dumpsters see.

My neglected Patreon I am working on unneglecting

Go solar!

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Need Haiku Competitors

Folks – I need to find a minimum of 4 competitors for this upcoming Haiku event in Richmond. I need 4+ people to commit to coming out, bringing 20-30 pre-written haiku (simply a three line poem, lines containing 5-7-5 syllables) and competing. Who is gonna help me out this next event?? May 17th at 8pm at 123 E. main st. Rva aka Electric Nomad Dance Studio. Possible prizes. Your Haiku can be about anything. Also, if you are interested in sponsoring these events, so we can pay the poets and give them prizes, please hit me up. I am not the main organizer of this event but I love the shit out of it and I am competing against Raven Mack in the Life Match, so I am trying to help. This Southern Gothic Futurism haiku thing brings together people to create a community of cousins, it celebrates storytelling, the south, weirdos and queerdos and all in between. It is legit fun and some of the best laughing I do each month (the event goes down in Cville and Rva check it out) email me at for info or to commit

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