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Covid 19 Zine Call for Submissions

Yall, I am putting together a zine of anarchist and radical thoughts on the Covid 19 situation. I am accepting poetry, art, memes, photos, articles, documentation of mutual aid efforts, etc. I am taking submissions in any language. I have fliers in english and spanish at this time. Please please please submit!!! I want this to be geographically varied! Please share this in any group or page or email chain or website you think appropriate. I really want to curate something worthwhile and interesting.


Rumple-stiff-skin is

A euphamism for dick

On family feud


Judge judy telling

You “put on your listening

Ears” is a bad sign.


Daily watering

Is required of  almost

All living  creatures


Standing desk because

Growing children can reach on

To table tops now


Fennel, turmeric, 

And nutritional yeast in

Every pasta dish

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