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Today’s haiku


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I would rather die

Sweaty and dehydrated

Than endorse H Vac

No matter how much

You insulate suffering

Is cheap and it’s green.

Birthday Haiku

32 years on

This ball of dirt with the rest

of you trash humans

Hoping for a few

More 32 years to go

I like this lifestyle

Fortunate as well

As crazy enough to have

Seen and done much here

But there is still much

To be seen, adventures to

Be had, life to live


Making biscuits and

Gravy for one. Vegan style

Slow autumn morning


Her back and tail arched

Tension, and steady gold stream

Steams up the morning.


society is (more…)


it aint what you know (more…)

Sept. 13 Haiku Event in Charlottesville


Thursday September 13th, 5 days before my 32nd birthday, a Southern Gothic Futurist Haiku Slam at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar at 8pm in Charlottesville.

Free to get in, bring $$ for snacks and tea, come to meet your cousins. We are all cousins here.

Event Page



BBQ beets are

My new favorite southern

Food experiment.


What’s so great about

AI? Like fake sugar, I 

Prefer the real thing

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