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Toddler happiest

Playing outside in the dirt

Life lessons abound

Birthday Haiku

32 years on

This ball of dirt with the rest

of you trash humans

Hoping for a few

More 32 years to go

I like this lifestyle

Fortunate as well

As crazy enough to have

Seen and done much here

But there is still much

To be seen, adventures to

Be had, life to live


Warm apple cider

Reishi and cinnamon hopes

For strong winter fire


Making biscuits and

Gravy for one. Vegan style

Slow autumn morning


Ate too many bean

Burritos, feeling like a

nap, get back to work.


Her back and tail arched

Tension, and steady gold stream

Steams up the morning.


Validation comes

From within. please like this post

So I can feel good.

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