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Sweet tea season is

Upon us. Take calorie

Counts – shove em. Southern.


Body aching, cramps

Coming. Missing pregnancy

Prescious smoosh babies


Toddlers covered in

Mud and dirt, digging for worms

Eating up sunshine


Butch like blood stains on

My carhartts. Period on

A jobsite. Bleeder


EveryoneEveryone I know,

It seems, has housing problems

We all need more funds

RVA Mag covered Haiku Battle!

A nice story in RVA mag about the return of Haiku Battles with Raven Dirtgod Mack to Richmond! Held at Electric Nomad Dance studio!!

I won this first Southern Gothic Futurism Haiku Battle in RVA and earned some much needed gas and grocery money for our family. Raven works hard to get sponsors so artists can be paid.

This is a vital community event. Also please pay artists and writers. I would love to write for money more often!!!

rva mag article on haiku battles

Check it out!!!


Sun is out, hot.

This aint working weather. Its

Bask and farm weather.


High tides and low tides

Ebb and flow moon rides. What’s out

There controls inside.


Daffodil flower

Adorable little pal

Chin up buttercup


End of week hectic

Cant get by on hard work and

Good intentions damn

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