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Existential dread

Post partum depression or

It’s just winter, fuck



Connecting vegan

Thought to all social justice

Where y’all been on this

Defensive eaters

Of meat calling vegans out

on privilege, soy

I remember when

called racist for connecting

Oppression of all

Really glad I got to see Carol J. Adams speak yesterday at the Vegan72 event in Richmond. Venue was awkward/too crowded but to hear someone who’s work I have admired for so long (since college so at least 10+ years now) was awesome, and it was a great refresher. So thankful to the organizers and glad so many people made it out to the event.


Guacamole is

The most perfect food, but not

The pre packaged stuff


If your roof has moss

Growing on it, perhaps it’s

A stretch to call new.


Tried a new brand of

Tortillas the other day

Big mistake gringo


Sore throat feels like words

Caught halfway out, snagged on some

Reservation. Shhh.


Indian farmers

Commit suicide drowning

In debt, for years now.

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