Trigger warning for Amerikkka

Trigger warning don’t read the paper

Or listen to NPR

If a constant barrage of sexual assault and violence

Isn’t what you want to hear about. Stay off of social media

And planet Earth too

Rapist in Chief?


What kind of a world is like this

My friends reveal their worst traumas publicly to try to make a political point to people with their thumbs in their ears or watching fox news or guilty of similar crimes themselves.

Patriarchal rape culture is amerikkkan culture

If you didn’t see that before maybe you will now

Get the old white rapist guys out of office and power

They are becoming emboldened

Teach boys to not rape

Teach girls to not rape

Teach everyone that gender is a social construct

But by god we have constructed a monster

Frankenstein of masculinity blames women no matter what

Kangaroo court I reject your courts and a system clearly designed to uphold rape

Drink tea and take some.time in nature away from extra rape culture onslaught if you need

Join the clamor of me too and why I didn’t report

Cultural change does happen and I think this is how

With some follow through and many brave people

Who won’t back down


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