2014 was overall an excellent year. I was able to travel to Key West and get a break from the winter. I drove a crazy bus full of dogs to Indiana and back, drove from California to Virginia, spent a week in the mountains, and went on numerous camping trips. I adopted a third dog, Tatertot, and learned to walk 3 pitbulls at the same time. I went to a variety of city council meetings and protests on issues from No Stadium in Shockoe Bottom to #blacklivesmatter to Monroe Park. I lost friends, among them amazing humans Ian Graham, Cayman Mooney, and Birch Wood. I worked, from writing, to editing, to babysitting, to stagehand, to carpentry, and starting my own business so I can work for myself. I supported neat projects my friends started, hosted bands, cooked for food not bombs, wrote zines, went to game nights and played games with friends, went to brunch several times, and held potluck events! I competed semi regularly in poetry events, took an herbal medicine class, made it to the Field Day of the Past and the State Fair! I did a lot of neato things and I can’t even remember all of them!

So here are my plans for 2015!!! I’m trying to set myself up for success by having starting dates and game plans for some of these goals. I’m ready!

1. Save up money using the plan where you match the dollar amount with the week number, so each week you save money, starting with $1 the first week and ending with $52.

2. Get the bus fixed for real!! So I can gooo places more often!

3. Get all credit cards payed off. Did well with this in 2014, and am down to just 1 card carrying a balance.

4. Do either 25 situps or a ab workout program plan every day (just did 25 bam)

5. Take 6 Belly dance classes (starting January 15th)

6. Go to at least 10 City Council meetings (starting January 12th)

7. Volunteer at least 20 times at WRIR (starting the 5th)

8. Go to the Farmers Market at least 10 times!!

9. Go to 2 workshops or courses to keep the ol brain ticking (hopefully a fermentation class annnd???)

10. Go to the Communities Conference at Twin Oaks

11. Write 1 zine

12. Submit articles to at least 5 publications

13. Spend at least 30 minutes every day making the Wingnut nicer

14. Host Wednesday Communal meals

15. Clean out the attic!

16. Go to physical therapy 5 times

17. Get 1 massage

18. Go to therapist 5 times

19. Read these books: Gone Girl, Grabbing Back: Essays against the global land grab, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, The People’s PLatform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age, Dog Whistle Politics:How Coded Racial appeals have reinvented racism, White Girls, Redefining Realness, Freedom Equality and Solidarity, Exquisite Rebel, How to Practice, Women Resistance and Revolution, From Female to Male, Another Day at the Front, De-westernizing MEdia Studies, killing rage, Revolution. and more!

20. Take vitamins and herbal medicine every day. Drink 32 oz water every day. Try to drink herbal tea every day. Drink a fruit smoothie once a week. Eat a salad once a week.

21. Go through all belongings and get rid of a bunch of stuff!

22. Work towards making the Wingnut an egalitarian income sharing community (meeting Jan 27)

23. Volunteer with Field Day of the Past

24. Eat less processed junk

25. Take a class on some type of engines


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