2014 Resolutions Recap

Here I recap my 2014 Goals and Resolutions!

100 New Years Goals and Resolutions 2014


A combination of simple tasks, lifestyle changes, and things I need to remember to do. Hold me to it yall!

FAIL – fixed it but then it broke again.- Get the Truck fixed and running again
FAIL – fixed it, failed inspection, went to Indiana anyways – Get the bus fixed and inspected
DONE! Go to Plan-it-x fest in June in Bloomington
DONE! Plant perennial herbs around the property in the spring
DONE! Make a Free Little Library for the front of the house Buy plexiglass to make door to finish
FAIL! But will carry over to 2015- Do 25 sit ups a day
DONE! Make an anarchist literature distribution box drill holes to attach string for doors to not fall all the way open, paint
FAIL! But scheduled to start on Jan 5th 2015 woo! Start volunteering at WRIR regularly again
FAIL! carry over- Clean out the attic
FAIL! – Install attic fan
FAIL! – Finish insulating attic
FAIL! – Finish flooring attic

DONE! Fix drippy kitchen faucet damnit
FAIL! Lift weights once a week
DONE! No sugar in coffee dangit
FAIL! But went camping at Pocosin Cabin with Matt and pals! – Go camping at Panther Falls with Ricky and pals
FAIL! Sew real tree ties and sell them
FAIL! Make more jewelry to sell
FAIL! Table at 3 craft/art events to sell things
FAIL! Paint/make window art to sell
DONE! Paint the dining room
DONE Paint the middle bedroom
DONE! it can’t be fixed… Fix bathroom ceiling
DONE! stair risers, screw the kitchen! Clearcoat kitchen trim and stair treads
FAIL! Replace ballisters on stairs
FAIL! Fence in front yard
FAIL! all the bees are gone! Add more space to bee hives
FAIL! Go to 5 craft nights or craft dates with friends
FAIL! Spend a week at the beach with grandparents
DONE! Spend a week in the mountains
DONE! Wash all the curtains in the house
DONE! Save up $600 for car insurance by August
FAIL! Finish Grits the Origins Book and submit to publishers
FAIL! Finish text for 5 Tails of Grits and Flapjack books
DONE! Got rid of a ton of junk to thrift stores and dump! In the Spring have another yard sale and/or sell things at the Azalea Flea Market – sell as much crap as I can manage to let go of
DONE! Finish submission to gun anthology
FAIL! Finalize call for submissions for Collectives anthology, and mail out to infoshops around the country.
FAIL but improved – Use mouthwash once a day
DONE! Make an S corp to be self employed and be able to write off my home office
FAIL! Go to the farmer’s market at least 10 times
FAIL! Eat a fresh fruit smoothie once a week
FAIL! Reach an average of 100,000 page views per month on QuailBellMagazine.com by the end of the year.
FAIL! Write a minimum of 1 article per week for Quail Bell
FAIL! but paid a lot down! End the Year with zero Credit Card debt.
DONE! Write 1 article for Earth First News Wire
FAIL! Clean out the basement
Fail! Read 1 non- fiction book a month
FAIL! But signed up for 2015~ Take 4 belly dance classes
DONE! Take 4 yoga classes
FAIL! get 2 full body massages
DONE! Mail my brother Sam a nice present at some point
DONE! Send 2 postcards to my friends and family
HALFWAY! Improved! Take herbal supplements and vitamins every day
DONE! Drink herbal tea once a week
FAIL! Drink 32 ounces of water a day
DONE! Listen to WRIR more
FAIL! maybe in 2015! Learn how to sound engineer
DONE! Stop drinking soda unless home-made or fancy for a special event
FAIL! Record 5 radio show episodes
FAIL! Make a huge batch of pizza dough and freeze
DONE! Go to 12 11 City Council Meetings
DONE! Go out more
DONE! Keep a Positive Mental Attitude
DONE I HOPE I LOVE YALL YOU KNOW! Make sure my friends know how much I love them
DONE! Write 1 zine
DONE! Spend 30 minutes a day making the Wingnut better
DONE! Make sure the dogs get to go somewhere awesome to run around once a month
DONE ~ much improved! Stop worrying about what people think of you
FAIL! Make Wingnut Kid Kits
DONE! Spend less time on social media
DONE! Try something new
DONE! Learn something new- seek out 2 workshops on new subjects
DONE! Submit a column to 3 new publications for consideration
DONE! Visit Los Angeles to see young Samuel and Josh’s family
FAIL FUCK THAT PUZZLE! Finish that 2,000 piece puzzle that is on the table downstairs
DONE! Read 1 fiction book a month
DONE! Finally cancel that PO Box you never use
HALFWAY – submitted 1! Submit 2 articles to Slingshot
FAIL! Design 3 postcards and get them printed
DONE! But need to do again! Clean room out 1 more time.
FAIL! Spend 30 minutes a week stretching
FAIL! Eat raw for a total of 4 weeks
DONE! Go out to brunch one time
HAHA NOPE FAIL! Pull one all nighter out
DONE! Try 3 new recipes -cranberry sauce, uh and some other stuff
FAIL! Save up to get front fuel tank on the truck repaired
FAIL! Make a chess table
DONE! Play board games with friends 10 times
CLOSE! Went on Go on a 30 mile or more bike ride
FAIL! Go bowling 6 times
DONE! Get healthy snacks and candy to eat – less processed junk
FAIL! Meditate once a month
FAIL! Read 1 book about buddhism
FAIL! Read 1 book about wicca
FAIL DAMN> Go to one of Birch and Freda’s rituals
DONE! Howl at the moon 3 times
FAIL! Try to get acupuncture once
DONE! Go to the ob gyn once and get tested etc
DONE! Have one summer barbeque with friends
FAIL! Learn 1 song on guitar


Comments on: "2014 Resolutions Recap" (1)

  1. Robert Mitchell said:

    Holy crap, what a monster list. You do realize that most people make ONE resolution for a given year? Assuming half fail and half succeed, you achieved 9000% more than the average person. Way to go Mo!

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