My newest zine, Fragments of Karnage, a poetry compilation is now out.

In person, $2

by mail, $3

2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 to order

28 half size pages, black and white, handwritten, compilation of finished and unfinished poems in a variety of formats from my many notebooks, and a few drawings as well.

subject matter includes, bikes, queers, richmond, southern, anarchist, social justice, prison, genderqueer, sobriety, veganism,fragmentsofkarnage dogs, etc.


Comments on: "Fragments of Karnage Zine now out!" (1)

  1. Robert Mitchell said:

    I read this on the spot, the minute I got my copy at RVA Zinefest on Saturday, and it is excellent. “I like to wake up/when the air is chilly/and the pumpkins all smile.” It sticks with you…

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