untitled poem

Fast food strikes,
 martin luther king jr, civil rights, 
syria, military machine, people getting hustled, 
friend mugged, 
friends lost to drugs,
 stadium on sacred burial ground, vcu taking over this town, and the people in charge might be brown but they still work for capitalism and keeping their brothers and sisters down. 
 We need an autonomous zone. A place to call our own. Where they can't take our friends away and we can keep eachother safe. People are scared and rightly so wed rather live to see our babies grow. But we won't get that anyways the odds arent good. Babies don't last long in a nuclear gmo capitalist pesticide neighborhoods. If you make it past the police and the jails a life of working to be exploited awaits you. Until we work together the worst fate of our neighbor is ours too.

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