Donald trump donald
Trump donald trump donald trump
Donald trump donald

The sway of a sac
In a warm breeze. Old man blow
dries his testicles


No one has cleaned this
grout. At any point ever.
The grout is unclean.

They have a scale in
The locker room at the gym
It wont help you though

Too bad we arent all
more comfortable with our nude
bodies, reflections

Locker room horror
stories are funny but not
body positive

Who carew if hairs grow
where they choose to, we are just
some wild animals

No creeps allowed in
the locker room please this is
no invitation

Please keep your rape jokes
and homophobia out
of the locker room.

Pt 1

If I had to choose
between clinton or trump in
The locker room, well

Pt 2

I have gone without
a shower before and turned
out just fine you know

Pt 3

Really don’t know why

I should have to change clothes with

either of these fools
Pt 4

Can you really change

if a politician is

In the locker room???


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