Interested in having me manage your social media and/or website for you?? Check this out!

Your name:

Your Phone Number:

Your email:

Preferred method of contact- text/call/email:

Mailing address:

Name of your Company/Brand:






I will need screen names, passwords, and all relevant sign in information for any and all platforms you want me to help you post on.


Please tell me about your brand/company/event, and explain what you want help with. What types of things do you want posted? Understanding your brand is necessary for me to promote it. It is also what we want to get a wider audience to achieve, so they will engage with your brand.

What is a, or are some, goals of your marketing online?

Do you currently use hashtags or keywords to promote your business?

Are there some marketing no-nos for you? IE – is their some industry or personal drama or issue I should know about so I don’t for instance, post an article on your page from someone you don’t get along with? Is there an area in your kitchen that isn’t up to code that I should avoid posting pictures of? Etc. If you can’t think of something now, but remember later just let me know!

Are there aspects of your business you want emphasized? IE – do you source local food, are you certified as a minority owned business, are you certified in some area like as a Yoga instructor?

Do you want to preview all blog/posts before I post them? (This will slow the process and may result in a higher fee).

You must be willing to supply me with pictures and information about events, sales, etc. in order for me to make the best posts for you. I can come and take pictures myself if you are local to the Virginia area for an additional fee. Let me eat at your restaurant for free and I will take pics!

Social Media Marketing by Ravens Feather Farm (legally the Heathen Homestead LLC – please make out checks to Mo Karn) is a new venture. I, Mo Karnage, have years of experience on social media. My experience includes promoting grassroots activist organizations, advertising events, working on political campaigns/issues, and promoting restaurants and small businesses. I have experience working with the media, sending out press releases, public speaking, and doing interviews. I don’t have a degree in business or marketing. I have learned the hard way! My experience growing and promoting various enterprises of my own puts me in a great position to help others. I work full time for a non-profit now. But I would like to make some extra money to support my family in my spare time. Promoting businesses and organizations of others that I support seems perfect. My Virgo tendencies mean I get a kick out of tracking site views and ‘likes’. I like to research and I like to write. I’m a decent editor, photographer, and creative to boot. I believe I can help folks get regular posts out on their social media, help them get more views and ultimately more business, and allow them to spend more time doing whatever it is their passion is, instead of posting about it.


Flexible based on your needs and ability to pay. I am open to barter.

Back to basics: 2 posts a week on a platform of your choice for $20 a month.  I will need info about what you want me to post.

Basic Plus: 2 posts a week on a platform of your choice, plus the same posts reposted on another platform for an additional $5 a month per additional platform. So Facebook and Instagram posts twice a week for a month = $25. Add Twitter, $30.

3 posts a week base price is $30 a month, 4 posts for $40. You get the drift

Custom posts on your blog or website: As long as it’s a subject I feel comfortable with, I’m happy to write a post for your website. Let’s talk about pricing.


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